• , The Works NYC Testimonials

  • , The Works NYC Testimonials

  • , The Works NYC Testimonials

  • Christine K. , The Works NYC Testimonials

    I’ve loved almost all my sessions at The Works Studio. I leave feeling completely exhausted and am sore for days. The coaches are supportive and professional.

    Christine K.
  • Miss P. , The Works NYC Testimonials

    I trained with Jennifer the owner and she is really great. She listened to my feedback when I had concerns with my earlier programs and completely made sure I was re-directed until I was satisfied with the experience. Training with her was a special treat and I look forward to booking more sessions! She makes training fun and also makes sure I am pushing myself too of course. I also enjoyed the staff and the gym is very luxurious - never crowded and I had a great customized experience!

    Miss P.
  • Sam A. , The Works NYC Testimonials

    The works is THE BEST! Joel is the best trainer ever! He's programmed my workouts so perfectly that my body is completely changed. Jenn is the owner and she makes sure every client has a good trainer for them. I decided to do body building and they have a team if you want to compete. It's a private training gym so it's never crowded and you and your trainer are always able to complete your workout on time. I follow Joel's programming on days I don't see him and the results speak for themselves! Worth every penny and sweat drop. All you'll lose is your former floppy self. You'll gain confidence and sexiness.

    Sam A.
  • Akulina K. , The Works NYC Testimonials

    I would like to share my great experience with everybody.

    I am a member of "Team works Bikini division" since last year. I had 2 competitions and my results just amazing. I am nationally qualified athlete. I have done a lot good job, but I would not be able to do it without my team and coaches! Jennifer and Lauren are very professional and amazing coaches. They were always showed us attention and provided support.  it is a big pleasure to be part of "Team works".

    if you are looking to get on stage, or just to be fit,  this team is the best one to be with!

    Akulina K.
  • Hannah S. , The Works NYC Testimonials

    LOVE The Works!!!! The team there will help you with EVERYTHING you need to know about health, fitness, and more.

    Hannah S.
  • Chrissy O. , The Works NYC Testimonials

    Jennifer Searles and her team have not only changed me physically but changed the person I am. I have never met a more incredible group of people. I never felt judged (and there are a lot of reasons to judge me LOL). I felt comfortable to be who I am at all times. I've done their personal training, group training, 28-day challenge, and fitness team. I love the person I've become because of The Works. They are worth the investment in yourself.

    Chrissy O.
  • Ann R. , The Works NYC Testimonials

    It's all about being strong women! Training, support and team.

    Ann R.
  • Irina K. , The Works NYC Testimonials

    I booked a sculpting class at this great boutique studio with Nina.  WOW!  Nina is an amazing instructor.  FULL of energy, very motivating, encouraging, and funny.  The workout was killer, she corrected everyone form, she pushed everyone, and and I felt so accomplished after.  My body was shaking, but well worth it all...

    Nina is offering a new sculpting series and I just signed up for this 12 weeks series.  I love the space.  Small, boutique and you can feel Nina's energy and presence all around..  I can't wait to start her new series- Sculpt yourself Sexy by Nina.  Hopefully, I will look like her in just 12 weeks...

    Irina K.
  • Sarah F. , The Works NYC Testimonials

    The Works is the best! I used to be an avid cycler/barre person and had no clue how to eat right or train - and just three weeks into their Hot in the Winter challenge and I've seen my body change in ways it never has before. The individualized support and nutritional guidance is exactly what I needed to get ready for my wedding. Could not recommend more to anyone!

    Sarah F.
  • Xtine J. , The Works NYC Testimonials

    The Works is great!!! I came here after an illness to rebuild my body.  They listened attentively to what my loooong list of issues was, and designed a workout that would build me up without aggravating anything.  THANKS GUYS!

    I went here for 3 months and lost a LOT of fat.  I only lost about 10 lbs total but I'm positive that i lost a lot more than 10 lbs of fat, I dropped about 3 sizes.  And I've got a "fitness model" shape that I never had before, which I'm really liking.

    Everyone here is SO NICE.  They are super fun to work with.  I'm not going to lie - this is a HARD WORKOUT.  You can't come in here and be half-assed about anything.  But you WILL get in shape and lose weight.

    The price is REALLY GOOD for what you get.  I had trainers at David Bartons, Crunch and NYHCR try to sell me monthly training packages for $1000, $1200 etc.  My price for 2 sessions a week, homework to do at home, AND a dietician visit once a week was only around $500.  That's really really good.  It puts it within reach of more people's budgets.  

    Trainers Katherine and Dane were the best!  Joe the Orthopedist is REALLY GOOD, within 2 visits he had helped a shoulder issue I had a lot.  He accepts some insurances.

    I will be back here soon! :)

    Xtine J.
  • Kristine S. , The Works NYC Testimonials

    I've been taking semi-private classes with Nina at the works for the past 3 weeks and I feel amazing!! She is exactly what I want in a trainer. She is motivating, fun, relatable and takes her time in each class to make sure everyone gets personal attention. She walks around to correct your form and in some cases adds or subtracts weight depending on where you're comfortable.  The class maxes out at 6 people so you really get a great workout with personal attention! I would recommend The Works and especially Nina as your trainer!!

    Kristine S.
  • Sandy R. , The Works NYC Testimonials

    I signed up with The Works Studio to enter the bikini competition, however, I wanted more guidance in training on my form. Instead, I decided to hire a personal trainer along with a nutritional support to assist me on losing weight and learning proper form on my exercises. I have to say I took the 3 months package deal and lost about 25 pounds.  I enjoy working with Danielle and Ed for all their support and guidance in helping me reach my goal.  I will enter the competition next year but I am still focused on my training and getting marvelous results. I am so grateful for all the support. Thanks, Jennifer, Ed, and Danielle and all the staff members at the Works. Every time I walked into the Studio I felt a lot of warmth with all the staff members.  No judgments at this particular gym.

    Sandy R.
  • Emily S. , The Works NYC Testimonials

    I've been taking The Works semi-private training classes through Class pass and I feel that the classes are both extremely challenging and fun and that the trainers are excellent. The classes are very small and you truly feel like your getting a hands-on personal training course. Both Nina and Rhiannon are motivational, extremely sweet and really care that your form is correct and that you're okay with the weights and exercises they've chosen for the class. This place is a hidden gem and I highly recommend!

    Emily S.
  • Kate S. , The Works NYC Testimonials

    The Work Semi-Private training is a great way to incorporate strength training into your workout routine. I've only trained with Nina, but she's exactly what you want a trainer to be: professional, encouraging and attentive. Every class I've taken with her, I feel like she brings me to my maximum effort without pushing so hard I'm at injury risk. I usually shy away from weight workouts, but this one is absolutely fantastic. Could be done by someone brand new to working out or a seasoned athlete. A small class size, I believe 5 person max, lets Nina adjust everyone's form to make sure all the students are using appropriate weight and doing the exercise properly. A small suggestion, I'd love to incorporate more stretching at the end. Highly, highly, highly recommend.

    Kate S.
  • Kristy R. , The Works NYC Testimonials

    The works an absolute amazing gym. They have guided me with eating properly as well as how to build and create a body that I have dreamed of. Still, in the process of getting to my goal of competition ready but without my Coach at Thr studio, I would not have been even close to that goal. I can't say enough about them. I'd give them 100 stars if that was possible.

    Kristy R.


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