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Happy Monday Everybody!

I wanted to touch upon a subject close to my heart for a second. It occurred to me last night as I was scrolling through Instagram... what does it mean to live your best life? I sometimes look at other people's accounts and think to myself, "self, you will never have a life that flawless or will never be able to create that perfect of a photo for your own page..." I have to remind myself fairly regularly that it's not perfection that I'm going for but happiness. And happiness to me means an organized and peaceful mind, healthy body so I feel good in my skin and a continued passion for what I do. As long as I have those things, I'm living MY best life.

"Best life" means different things to different people. The key to living your best life is to first know what that means to you. Is your definition the same as that girl who has that Instafamous Fitness Account or the same as that Fashion Blogger? Maybe... but it doesn't have to be. We tend to look at and try to emulate these people purely on the fact that they have a life that "looks awesome"... so that's how we "should" be living. Truth is, no one's life is perfect... and to strive for that is going to be the recipe for setting yourself up for continuous disappointment. It's impossible to have a photoshopped life. We all have flaws and issues and obstacles and things we need to work on and improve. Guess what? So does the person in the IG account. 

SO... stop trying to be like "her" and be like YOU. What is YOUR definition of real happiness? Think back to when YOU were last truly happy? That is your recipe.

Have an amazing week and DO YOU Girlfriend!

WIth lots of love,

Jennifer Searles, CPT, IFBB Pro and Founder of The Works NYC

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