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Happy week after a long weekend! These Tuesdays are worse than Mondays sometimes. It’s so difficult to refocus after going into down-regulation over an extended weekend away from the grind. To cheer you up I have put together my favorite butt recipe for construction… because of buns of steel. Why else?

These should be done with WEIGHT as that is the only way to create the shape of a muscle. High reps with low weight day in and day out don’t cut it. What you’re actually teaching your muscles to do with that training scheme is to have endurance, which is great, but in order to teach them how to rebuild and shape, you must must must create an overload in the muscle. That is done progressively with heavy weights. Period, end of story.

Do the below workout 2 days/week with 1-3 days rest in between. Try not to do them on back to back days as this may overtrain your muscles. You also may not get the most out of the exercises the next day because you will be sore or tired. If done properly, you should be praying to the glute Gods begging for a merciful day of rest the next day!


Finish one exercise before you begin the next. Take 90 sec rest in between every set. Weights should be heavier each set and you should only be able to perform the number of prescribed reps with good form. If you can do more reps than prescribed, then honey, it ain’t heavy enough.

1. Sumo Kettlebell Squats – 3 sets 12,10, 8 reps each

2. Curtsey Lunge – 3 sets 12,10, 8 reps each

3. Single Leg Deadlift into Split Squat – 3 sets 8 reps each

4. DB Hip Thrust – 3 sets 15, 12, 10 reps

Let us know if you need help or have questions about how to get started with a butt workout tailored specifically for you.

Happy Butt-Sculpting!

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