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Ok… I’m going to yell right now… EATING HEALTHFULLY and BEING ON A MEAL PLAN DOESN’T HAVE TO BE BORING! I come from a background of competing in fitness competitions so completely understand what it’s like to feel relegated to nothing but chicken, broccoli and brown rice. Not only is that not a sustainable way to eat, but it will drive you CRAZY. The next  thing you know, you’re wolfing down a full sleeve of oreos in a complete blur and by the time you realize the whole sleeve is gone, you’re crying in a pool of crumbs sitting on the floor in the corner of your dark kitchen.

Not the best feeling or way to live.

SO… our Nutrition partner Balanced Habits gave us this 3 Day Meal Plan to share with you all. It’s surprising to most the things that you actually CAN eat… I mean, there are muffins in there people. Winning.


You do not have to sacrifice the foods you enjoy in order to lose fat or remain healthy. It’s all about portion control and consistent sound eating habits. If you eat nothing but those oreos all day, then yes, you’re not being very healthy. BUT, combining the proper amounts of proteins, carbs and fats for your body and your goals is healthy. It’s ok to have an off-plan meal here and there as long as you’re balanced 80-90% of the time.

We have an awesome Nutrition program called Balanced Habits LIFE that teaches you how to eat for your goals and your body. You think this 3 Day Meal Plan is good? You haven’t seen anything yet… the LIFE plan affords you membership to the Balanced Habits recipe site which has 10-15 changing recipes EVERY MONTH… all broken down into your correct portion sizes and all seasonal!


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