The Works Studio NYC has been recognized by 100’s of Women in the NYC area for sculpting and transforming bodies through serious WEIGHT training, metabolic boosting HIIT principles and balanced NUTRITION programs.
Give us FOUR weeks and we'll prove to you that lifting heavy doesn't make you bulky. Get addicted. STRONG is the new SKINNY.
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    One-on-One Perfect for people with very specific goals or injuries/imbalances or those that desire focused individual attention. Semi-Private Personal training with a smaller price tag! Get paired with like-minded women and receive personalized workouts in groups of up to 3 people. Small Group: Super fun HIIT workouts meant to sculpt, burn and energize in groups that never exceed 6 people. Don't be a number in a large class studio. Take advantage of 5 unique classes offered 10+ times per week!
    Strength Training
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    CHOOSE FROM: Balanced Habits Life™ (TakeDown Lifestyle): A six-month one-on-one nutrition program designed to teach anyone how to eat healthy for life. The TakeDown Lifestyle™ is offered year round. Many who complete the TakeDown Challenge™will go straight into the TakeDown Lifestyle™ to reinforce & expand on what they’ve learned. Balanced Habits Kickstart™(TakeDown Challenge): Three times a year, thousands of people across North America go together through a 28-day challenge to achieve their personal weight loss goals. Challengers consistently lose 12-24lbs in 28 days!
    Nutrition Counseling
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    Team Works: Our philosophy at Team Works is NO COOKIE CUTTER PROGRAMS ALLOWED. We tailor programs to specifically fit YOUR body and YOUR goals. We define weaknesses and fix them. We identify strengths and accentuate them. We tell you what the judges want to see and help you achieve that exact look. TWT - Team Works Training: Team Works believe in providing our women coaching before, during AND after a competition. With that in mind, we have recently launched TWT--an introductory nutrition program designed to prepare our clients for the physical rigors of competition prepping as well as the mental challenge of falling back into post-competition life. Our goal is to not only help you to LOOK your best, but also to FEEL your best!
    Competition Prepping
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    Seminars: Periodically, we hold free seminars to discuss a variety of topics in the area of fitness and nutrition. Typically, they will complement the current training programs being offered. Group Outings: Just because we LOVE all things FITNESS doesn't mean we don't like to have FUN, also! Come boogie down with our trainers and Team Works coaches and meet other clients who share your interests! Service: Giving back to our community is as important to us as generating results for our clients. We are constantly searching for new projects and would love to be involved with YOU!
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    Technology: We embrace technology and realize how much more effective our programs can be by using it! From planning your customized diets and workouts, to tracking your progress, we have the right apps to aid you in achieving your goals! Discounts: A truly healthy lifestyle encompasses nearly every facet of your day. With that in mind, we have teamed up with a number of great businesses to provide discounts to make your goals as financially attainable as possible. KEEP COMING BACK... WE'RE CONTINUOUSLY TRYING TO IMPROVE AND WE'D LOVE TO HEAR YOUR SUGGESTIONS!
OVERCOME weightroom FEAR and learn the benefits of strength training by effectively incorporating it into your fitness program.
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The Works is a proud NYC partner of Balanced Habits Nutrition Programs.  Meet with our certified Registered Dietition and customize a plan for YOUR body and YOUR goals.
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Be a part of the FUNNEST team in NYC! Whether you're looking to join Team Works as a competitor or just want to look and feel like a competitor, come hang with our amazing group of STRONG women!
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NYC is a HUGE city, but often times it can feel a bit isolating.  At The Works, we've created an environment where like-minded people can come together to create lasting friendships!
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Offer #1: $2640 3 Mos Private Training 2x/week + Nutrition Plan Regular price is $3753!
Offer #2: 1 Month of unlimited Small Group Training & Nutrition Coaching for you and your friend for only $460 each.
25% off regular price!
Offer #3: A $200 gift card that can be used for any service for only $50
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Offer #4: January 28 Day Fat Blast/Booty Build Kickstart for only $720 (Save $200+)
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Due to the incredible demand we’ve experienced over the past 4 days (and because we simply hate saying no to our current and prospective clients), we are offering ONE of each offer from the last 4 days to the first person who claims them!

*payment must be received in-full today to qualify.
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