About Us

Headquartered at The Works Studio in Chelsea, Team Works is NYC's ONLY bikini and figure team.
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Team Works Figure and Bikini is an amazing group of women who compete in figure and bikini in the NPC/IFBB.
We compete together, not against each other! We help each other be the best that we can be and shine at each and every show we do… we work hard, follow directions in our pre contest plans and bring home trophies as a result! We know that with hard work and determination, any goal can be reached, and any show is anyone’s to win!
Founded by Jennifer Searles IFBB Figure Professional and 2x Olympia finalist, Team Works covers everything from how to pick the proper suit for the big day, to where to get your hair and makeup done for the show. We have posing and presentation training as well as CUSTOM diet and training plans designed to fit YOUR body for YOUR sport. Whether you are bikini, figure or physique, a hardgainer, or too much muscle, we will put you on the proper program that fits what you need to win. Every plan is customized. There is no cookie cutter with us.
We give you the formula, but YOU are expected to follow it! We will help keep you on your game when the going gets tough but the TRULY successful competitor or fitness enthusiast follows each detail of the given plan. YOU do the work, but we tell you exactly what you need to do. It’s that simple.
Becoming a member of Team Works is just an email away. Send us an email with your intent and a photo and we will see if you have what it takes….
DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Contact us to find out!
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Offer #1: $2640 3 Mos Private Training 2x/week + Nutrition Plan Regular price is $3753!
Offer #2: 1 Month of unlimited Small Group Training & Nutrition Coaching for you and your friend for only $460 each.
25% off regular price!
Offer #3: A $200 gift card that can be used for any service for only $50
(for use by non-current members only)
Offer #4: January 28 Day Fat Blast/Booty Build Kickstart for only $720 (Save $200+)
Get your Gift Card!
Due to the incredible demand we’ve experienced over the past 4 days (and because we simply hate saying no to our current and prospective clients), we are offering ONE of each offer from the last 4 days to the first person who claims them!

*payment must be received in-full today to qualify.
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