About Us
We are a private boutique fitness studio in Chelsea providing you a one-stop shop of services to make you HOT. We understand looking and feeling your best are in direct relation to one another. With that in mind, we've created programs that make sense and get results without overtraining or inducing boredom. Ready to transform your body and your mind? Our trainers/instructors are all hand-selected, experienced, nationally certified, and care a great deal about your results. We hold you accountable and make sure the end result is the body you always dreamed of and the confidence to match it!
"For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer."
Ktro, Searles and Jenn
Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Lift Weight Look Hot Kick Ass
The most surefire way to achieve the hotness you want with custom training and nutrition plans built for YOU and YOUR body.
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Offer #1: $2640 3 Mos Private Training 2x/week + Nutrition Plan Regular price is $3753!
Offer #2: 1 Month of unlimited Small Group Training & Nutrition Coaching for you and your friend for only $460 each.
25% off regular price!
Offer #3: A $200 gift card that can be used for any service for only $50
(for use by non-current members only)
Offer #4: January 28 Day Fat Blast/Booty Build Kickstart for only $720 (Save $200+)
Get your Gift Card!
Due to the incredible demand we’ve experienced over the past 4 days (and because we simply hate saying no to our current and prospective clients), we are offering ONE of each offer from the last 4 days to the first person who claims them!

*payment must be received in-full today to qualify.
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